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I've been slowly putting effort towards getting my own site optimized for search engines, and it is somewhat of a slow process as I am not utilizing any paid link building services and am just relying on the content. I also recently changed domain names from to, so that has put me back a little bit, especially after had attained a Google Pagerank of 3 after only 2 months. In any case, I thought I'd show a few results* that we've attained for our clients...

The Great Escape

Search Terms Google organic search result
above ground pools chicago 1
pool supplies chicago 2
hot tubs chicago 1
patio furniture chicago 2
game tables chicago 3

 The Meeting Place

Search Term Google organic search result
church in nanaimo 1
nanaimo churches 2

Chicago Home Fitness

Search Term Google organic search result
fitness equipment in chicago 1
precor chicago 1
exercise equipment chicago 1

*Note, none of these results were obtained using any "black hat" methods.

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