Sarasota Web Design launches two new client websites

Sarasota Web Design is happy to announce the release of two Sarasota-based business websites. We recently redesigned two existing websites, bringing their look and structure up to 2012 standards.

Healthcare Venture Professionals Abundance Of Love And Wealth

Both sites are in the healthcare industry, one being an ambulatory surgery center consulting company, the other a marriage and sexual addiction counseling practice.

One of the main challenges with redesigning existing sites is that there is an existing URL structure which has been indexed by search engines. When you launch a new site, existing search results can end up being dead links. At Sarasota Web Design we address that challenge by creating URL aliases, which basically map old URLs to their new counterpart. These are not redirects, so when Google comes to re-index old pages there will still be something for them to see so your pages won't be dropped from their database.

For example, Healthcare Venture Professionals has a page for ASC Development, which used to reside at, but the new URL is Both URLs will display the same page, because an alias was created for the new page with the old address.

This is very important to consider when you're re-launching an existing site, as you don't want your previous hard work getting your site indexed on the search enginges to go to waste.

For more information about URL aliases, please contact Sarasota Web Design.

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